Grade 1 Training to Pass TfL Topographical Skills Test

Grade 1 Training to Pass TfL Topographical Skills Test

In order to successfully acquire a PCO licence, an individual will need to meet various requirements including passing a topographical skills test.  UKPCO Ltd has a grade 1 trainer who was a mini cab driver himself hence the best person to support our clients to pass the test.  The anxiety will always be there but he certainly knows how to effectively train clients to successfully pass the test.  It is all about map reading and we are confident that few hours training will be sufficient.  Excellent success rate thus far.

TfL’s requirement is that applicants are required to undertake a topographical skills test or assessment.  This of course is a part of the application process.  The application will first need to be submitted to TfL and the relevant department will respond to each applicant and advise them when to book to sit the test.  This test can be done on TfL’s premises in London or at one of the few approved centres.

It is important to note, however, that an individual can be exempted if they are:

  • Previously licensed PHV drivers who have passed a topographical skills test
  • Licensed London taxi drivers – All London and Suburban
  • Professional London tourists guides (eg Blue Badge Driver Guide)
  • An individual who can provide evidence of a relevant vocational qualification in passenger transport (eg NVQ or equivalent)

Note that we do offer the NVQ in Road Passenger Vehicle and or the equivalent, therefore please get in touch with our team on 0203-475-6509 to discuss the available options.

Kindly refer to TfL website for further details in regard to the topographical skills test here: