TfL PCO Licence Application Processing  Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Prospective Mini cab drivers and Chauffeurs Frequently Asked Questions

Our PCO Licence Academy is designed to support existing and prospective Private Hire Drivers, commonly known as PCO drivers.  We know that there are many questions requiring quick answers, subsequently, we have outlined a few for you.  Please do not hesitate to contact our PCO licence and English Academy if you have additional questions that are not on this web page on 0203 475 6509.

See below for our TfL PCO Licence Application Processing Frequently Asked Questions and our answers.

English is not my first language, will the topographical skills trainer be patient with me?

  • Most certainly, he is very experienced in this area and has had a wealth of experience training clients with English not being their first language.

I am 20 years old and will be 21 soon, can I apply for my PCO Licence?

  • You should be 21 years and over at the point of making the application

I have held my licence for 3 years, am I eligible to apply for my PCO licence?

  • Yes, providing that it is a full DVLA, Nothern Ireland or EEA drivers licence

Do I have to do my topographical skills training and test at one of the 6 approved centres within London?

  • No, you can sit your test at TfL, therefore, you can progress your training with us and we will support you to arrange your test with TfL

I was told that the skills tests carried out at one of the six centres will be conducted by TfL, is this true?

  • Yes, one of TfL’s examiner’s will be present

Do I need to use my own GP for the medical check?

  • Yes, this is highly recommended by TfL
  • You can also contact the PCO Licence team at TfL for further support with this

What if I have no medical history in this country?

  • You will need to contact your embassy
  • We will give you further advise on this during your consultation



We are here to help.  Kindly contact our dedicated team on 020 3475 6509